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November 2016

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             Welcome to our Newsletter.  We have decided that this is a great way to let you know where we are going to be and what's
             new. We are changing format this month for the newsletter. So if you receive our newsletter electronically you will see much
             more than what is here. Anyone can opt into getting email notification of each newsletter. If you'd like to be on our email
             quarterly list please click here. We would love to have you on our list.  Or if you know someone else who has a passion and
             love for angels please feel free to forward our newsletter. We do NOT sell or rent names. Know someone who loves angels
             share our site with them. We are always designing and creating, so if there is something you need special for a loved one, let us
             know and we will be happy to design an angel just for you.

W         WHAT'S NEW

                We recently added Park Lane Jewelry to our many collections of items. Be sure to visit the



                 Our twelfth year is coming. We once again hope to continue to be a grand show with new vendors every year displaying from around the local area.
                 Be sure to visit our page that we created to highlight our vendors.  We will be hosting the show (Nov 3-4) and will continue bringing new
                 vendors in. We will be accepting applications for handcrafted items only beginning now and continue through September 2017. We are
                 always looking for new items for the upcoming show. If  you would like to apply for our show please click here to read our policy &
                 guidelines and to get an application.



                 Many of you already may not know but we now offer essential oils from DoTerra. These have offered me some great relief in my daily activities and
                 other issues that have transpired. Be sure to check out the website at  Also become a preferred member for only
                 $10 and you will receive a 20% discount on all your purchases. It is a great membership without a renewal. Save even more with the Loyalty Rewards
                 program. To find out more go to my link above and click on JOIN to find out more about our memberships. I also will do a free ZYTO reading for
                 those in the Cheyenne or surrounding areas who become members or join my team. This is a great way to know what your body needs. We charge
                 $20 for ZYTO readings and will be doing these as requested during the Prairie Winds Christmas Show.


                 Many of you already know that we recently began a MARY KAY business! Yes not only do we have other lines of beautiful products but also
                 want to make women feel and look beautiful too. Call me for a FREE facial, or make it a skin care class and reap the hostess benefits. I would
                 love to meet one on one and discuss what MARY KAY offers in today's products. Try the latest and greatest. Be sure to check out our gift services
                 for products during any occasion. This isn't what your mama use to wear, come check it out at


                 If you missed seeing the highlight on May 19th with Channel 5 on Wyoming Made, be sure to check out our page at
 We were pleased to announce the new line and showcase it that morning. It has
                 been exciting creating the wire wrapped pieces. I am constantly doing new things and looking for unusual designs. This moves us into
                 a new realm of handcrafted jewelry. Each piece is hand wrapped, there is no solder or glues here. This is an art that dates back some
                 3,000 years, but definitely withstands the test of time. Be sure to check out our new line. We are now also designing pieces in Sterling
                 silver that uses sterling solder. These are unique and beautiful. We are in the planning stage of doing private shows for individuals who
                 would love to see our designs at their convenience. Contact us today if you would like to learn more or get a show date set.


                 Stampin' Up! continues to wow and dazzle their customers with top of line innovative products. We have so many new and few items
                 you will just need to visit my site to see the excitement. Want to join the Paper Pumpkin club with no committments?  Check out Paper
                 Pumpkin at
View the most current merchandise at our  site  There
                 is no cost to you, you only supply the family and friends. Online ordering is also available on the website.

Click here to join stampin_girlz
Click to join stampin_girlz


                Do you need a way to raise cash for your organization? How about selling angels. We have supplied numerous organizations with
                angels over the past several years. Why not give this a try, it's an item that will mean a great deal and last a lifetime. Contact us at
                wyomingangels@ for more information about purchasing the angels for fundraising.


                  Once again just to restate the issue of building a catalog. I know many have asked for one. It is not impossible to produce one with
                  the software I use, I am not satisfied with it looking like a techo manual when it comes out. I truly find that the website is the best
                  way to view our product as it is always up-to-date. I struggle with printing the catalog due to the use of paper product and ink costs
                  to print in color. Please know if you would like one, just request we do honor all requests as we know not everyone has internet
                  access at home.


              Don't miss this beautiful book: The Story of Shadow by Sue Scafe on the website. You can order your copy today by visiting the link
Shadow's Page Only a few left!


                   All events listed below are confirmed--request directions by emailing us at Would you like us to attend your
                   event, please contact us with information so that we can consider it for the following season. Watch for listings as they become available.
                   We are going to be looking at the possibility of doing some different shows this year. We track our success from all the shows and have seen
                   some decline in a few that we have traveled to. Sadly we will miss seeing our steady customers, but be assured that if you need something we
                   we are always willing to come to you and bring a private show for your viewing pleasure. If anyone knows of shows for this coming season
                   we are now in the process of booking our calendar.

                   Anderson Gift and Craft Show 2017- Cheyenne (Oct 28) 9am - 3pm

                   A Prairie Winds Christmas 2017- Cheyenne (Nov 3-4) 9am - 4pm

                    Miller School-Cheyenne 2017 (Dec 2) 9am - 3pm


              We are still trading links. We have reserved the right to keep the links to high quality products that are produced by an individual.
              This is a place on our site that you can go and see an overview of products. Simply click on the active link to view other available
              products throughout Wyoming. When clicking on the link it will automatically open a new window for you. We will do our best to
              check links periodically, however, things change daily on the web so let us know if a link is not working and we will do our best to
              resolve the problem.
Favorite Links Page                 

      STORE LOCATIONS: if you own a shop and would like to carry our angels please contact

                    In Cheyenne:

                       Howdy Partner

                    In Buffalo:

                        Jim Gatchell Museum

                    In Laramie:

                        Works of Wyoming (WOW) store

                    In Lovell:

                        Pryor Mountain Wild Mustang Center

                    (not all styles available at listed stores)